Early Access V0.5

This is quite possibly the last early access build before final release, and that is very exicting for us. Only a few things missing now but here is some of the stuff we've added since the last build:

  • SFX!!!
  • Fish in the underwater section
  • Polished the outhouse cutscene
  • Perry can now Slide down ladders
  • Turned on medusa’s TV
  • A Sleeping bear
  • Sooo much more polish

As an added bonus we have uploaded a few trailers for the game!


Merrily Perilly EARLY ACCESS V0.5 101 MB
May 29, 2018

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I dont know where else to ask this, but how do you find Medusa? I have looked all over town for her.

People are fired up about Merrily Perilly and burning to know where to find Medusa, but trailblazers should explore around the abbey.